This project will encourage women to pursue careers in managerial positions in the Private security to already employed women and to newcomers. It will provide leadership and managerial training for women and will create support structures and tailored mentorship programs directly for women. The project will rase awareness regarding the necessity of women leadership in private security introducing innovative and forward thinking training program with tools aiming at long-lasting changes.



The project will carry out Analysis of the Gender Gap, Needs and Challenges for Women Access to Leadership and Management in Private Security.

It will create: Leadership and Management Training Course for Women; Women Leadership Handbook; Toolbox for Digital Leadership Competences and Technology Mastering and Blueprint for Women Leadership, with best practices to inspire Women Mentoring and Networking. Several public debates will be organized and wider academic and professional presentations.



The project will provide direct training to women employed as private security professionals and provide them with new skills and competences for leadership, entrepreneurship, communication, psychology, digital competences etc. It will also create mentorship program connecting women in senior managerial positions (mentors) with women who will be mentored for managerial roles. It will rase awareness among all for the benefits of including women to leadership in the companies and in the society.

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