During our 10 year functioning, we have succeeded to prove ourselves as a company that follows the development of its clients, and we can also proudly say that besides Skopje as a residence of our head office, we have successful organized branch offices throughout Republic of Macedonia in: Tetovo, Gostivar, Ohrid, Bitola, Prilep, Gevgelija, Kumanovo, Kriva Palanka, Vinica, Kavadarci, Stip, Strumica, Struga etc.

Although the service that we provide covers almost entire territory of Macedonia, at the same time we have established collaboration with other, smaller companies that have same or similar business profile as ours, and with it we contribute to accelerate the quality of service and the protection of our customers. We are also in a very good collaboration with the Ministry of Interior of R. Macedonia.

Our company is equipped with adequate technical equipment and instruments for providing qualitative service and implementation of our determined development strategy and work policy for quality.

The professional relationship toward our tasks and responsibilities features all of our activities and we are prepared to implement them with our entire capacity and potential. Our goal is clearly determined, with every task to achieve maximum quality of the contracted responsibilities with our clients.

  S E R V I C E S our company offers:

Physical security that we offer is for complete protection of the estate, working environment, protection of the staff, employees and information from risk of injury, lost, damage, criminal, hostile and bad-intent activities.

The physical security is organized entirely in accordance with Your needs, no matter if it is indoor or outdoor security. We are also prepared to take care and organize the necessary protection of all your important events, activities, promotions, manifestations etc.

Our Patrol security are planned security measures thru systematical round trips of a certain area according previously determined plan and schedule to achieve proper degree of your protection.

With these secured measures our clients get regular patrolling round trips of the facilities, detection of suspicious activity after receiving information from the monitoring centre about the facility that is object of protection, taking legal authorized measures toward the persons that are found on site and are not supposed to be in the facility that are secured.

24/7 Monitoring service with our own monitoring centre. 24/7 monitoring of Your secured facilities and total insight and control of accessibility, observation of open and closure time of the facility, protection from fire, burglary, video monitoring etc.

The monitoring centre is equipped with the latest digital technology with Israeli origin, manufactured by world security standards with which we achieve on time and professional service.

The monitoring operators are trained to operate and act in critical situations in accordance to the needs of the specific work that we do.

Thru our monitoring centre we serve above 700 satisfied clients with different work profiles throughout Macedonia.

Technical security service we offer by installing and servicing the security systems as: alarm devices, panic taster, cameras and video surveillance systems, approach control systems and evidence of working hours, systems that prevent burglary in retail stores as well as prevention from fire, flood etc.

MDN Security DOO offers security of transport of money and other goods of value to exact determined destination, in accordance to your needs. The service is organized with armoured vehicles (vans) and trained staff, in accordance to the type and quantity of transport.

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