MDN Security DOO has policy for quality, environment and security in order to provide security of the products and services that are delivered to the customers, entirely fulfilling their real requests and in order to be in accordance with the legal procedures and national and international standards.

Our focuses to the need of the customers and their satisfaction of the job done are the most important values that MDN SECURITY DOO measures and determines its successfulness.

In order to achieve, retain and empower those values, we are permanently committed:

  • To employ professional, trained, ambitious staff that will have opportunity and responsibility to be develop and trained;
  • To procure the latest materials and equipment, as well as to sustain and improve the infrastructure and the environment for a pleasant work;
  • To nurture and develop partnership relations with the suppliers;
  • To offer most optimal and complete solutions to our customers;
  • To implement solutions that are entirely supporting the requests and the needs of the clients;
  • To take care of the living environment;
  • To spend energy, raw materials and other natural resources rationally;
  • To classify the wasted materials by recycling and prevent formation of waste;
  • To be responsible toward the employees by introducing security measures, lowering the risk of injuries and health issues;
  • To collaborate with all interested sides with open dialog, in order to contribute jointly for improvement of the security and the health at working conditions;
  • To implement and improve the efficiency of the managing systems for quality, environment and security according the international norms and standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001 and to strive beyond these standards;
  • To set ambitious, measurable and achievable goals for quality, environment and security.
Managing Director
Kiro Stojanoski

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